What Sets Us Apart

Life-Changing Smiles, One Person at a Time

Orthodontic treatment changes a person’s life: Every day, Dr. Markos Raptis and the Raptis Orthodontics team see people transform!

Often, patients start treatment feeling uncomfortable with their teeth. They hide their smiles and feel insecure around others. Sometimes they’re ashamed to let us see their smile!

As we start treatment, and patients see how their appearance is changing, they begin to change. They feel better about how they look and their self-esteem starts to grow. As care progresses, each person blossoms: They begin to walk taller, feel more secure in their appearance, and confident around others. By the time we’re finished, the patient is a new person, confident and outgoing, and sharing a smile that engages others.

Best of all, orthodontic care provides a lifetime of confident smiles!

Why Choose Raptis Orthodontics?

You have many choices when it comes to orthodontic care. However, Raptis Orthodontics is a practice unlike the rest:

  • Dr. Raptis is a board-certified orthodontist. He has the experience, knowledge, and skills to handle even the most complex situations. He’s also warm and personable, and cares for each patient as he would a family member.
  • Our team members are highly trained professionals. We’re passionate about providing comfortable care and exceptional service to keep you smiling while you achieve your best smile.
  • Our office is newly renovated, with advanced orthodontic technology and digital records and diagnostics.
  • We use leading-edge orthodontic materials from the most reputable companies.
  • Our office is warm and comfortable, with open and private treatment areas, a gaming area, and complimentary coffee.
  • We offer convenient appointment times, including early morning, later evening, and weekends.
  • We have a generous rewards program, including gift cards, movie tickets, and creative gifts, that keeps patients engaged and excited about their home care.
  • We work closely with general dentists and other dental specialists to coordinate your care for the best results.
  • We provide updates, at every visit, on the progress you’re making toward your new smile!

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

Our Bristol, CT orthodontic office serves patients of all ages, from children through teens, professional adults, and even grandparents. It’s never too late to achieve the beautiful smile of your dreams, and we’d love to help you!

Please contact Raptis Orthodontics and schedule a complimentary consultation today. The sooner you call, the sooner you’re on the path to a lifetime of incredible smiles!

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